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Last date of admission - 23rd March

About MBA

The Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) programme (Online Mode) of SASTRA Deemed University is a unique programme carefully curated to address the career progression aspirations of the present-day working professionals. While the academic content covers all the traditional domains of management, due consideration has been given to incorporate demands of a modern and complex business environment. This helps learners gain structured knowledge of contemporary aspects of traditional domains that is so much in demand amongst corporate recruiters.

This programme is enriched with masterclass series by industry experts that allows participants to hear and learn from experiences of seasoned industry professionals, effectively bridging the much talked about “industry academia gap”. Such live and interactive sessions have been specifically designed to be experiential in nature so that learners get hands on experience and are able to learn by “doing”. Additionally, simulation games and group exercises encourage collaborative learning and opens up a plethora of networking opportunities.

This programme also recognizes that every learner is unique and career aspirations and pathways are specific to each individual. A heavily customized and personalized career support service is, therefore, being extended to every participant of this programme where professional mentors will work 1 on 1 with each learner to help identify their specific career aspirations and chart a pathway to attain their goals be it the path of progression or transition from their current positions. Learners, seriously contemplating an entrepreneurial venture have the option to pursue a structured course on setting up a start up and thereafter seek support from established start up accelerators in the country.

Be it a fresh graduate attempting to break into the corporate world with a contemporary MBA or a seasoned professional aspiring to progress in his/her career, this programme is embellished with all the necessary ingredients that is designed to set the learner on a successful professional journey.


On successful completion of this programme, participants should be able to

  • Gain structured knowledge of relevant business concepts currently applied in the industry
  • Identify and apply best practices to solve managerial challenges
  • Develop analytical and critical thinking abilities required for problem solving
  • Address real life business problems through live project
  • Set individual career goals and pathways and work towards achieving them


Graduate/Bachelors degree (10+2+3 or 10+2+4) or equivalent in any discipline from a recognized university.


2 Years (Four Semesters)




Recognized MBA from a Top Ranked University

Earn a credible and recognized MBA degree from India’s top ranked University. Sastra is ranked #24 amongst Universities as per NIRF Rankings 2022.

Masterclasses by Industry Experts

Interact and learn from experienced professionals from industry who will share you the dynamics of a real time working environment and the nature, challenges and complexities that they have dealt with as a part of navigating their job responsibilities.

Immersive Learning through Hand-on Practice and Experiential Exercises

Learn through specially designed live and interactive sessions where various management concepts are taught through relevant case studies, engaging simulation games, workshops, experience sharing by industry experts, interactive and hands on class exercises and group discussions. Further participants will also have the opportunity to identify a real time problem statement and work through a collaborative solution through group projects.

Career Support Services - Personalized to Suit Your Specific Needs

Avail 6 month long personal career support services offered by a global leader in Career Transitioning, customized to work with you individually and tailor solutions to suit your specific career progression aspirations.

Access to an Exclusive Start-Up Bootcamp

Participants who are keen to embark on an entrepreneurial journey can also avail exclusive access to a self-paced course and world class mentorship to help crystalize and accelerate their start up ideas. Fast track acceleration support for select start-ups will be provided by INDIA ACCELERATOR.


  • Strong brand image of SASTRA in the corporate sector
  • Semester pattern
  • Interactive learning content and Self Learning Materials (SLM)
  • Personal Contact classes
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty
  • Industry interaction and experiential learning through masterclasses
  • Personalized career support services
  • Opportunity to pursue entrepreneurial pathway
  • Affordable fee structure with loan facility at attractive rates
  • Internal Assessment – 30 marks + End semester Exam - 70 marks



Comprehensive Career Support Services

  • Avail 6 month long individualized and personalized career support services tailored to suit your specific career progression aspirations.

Customized 1 on 1 Sessions

  • Experience continuous and involved engagement through 1 on 1 sessions with mentors handpicked to help you chart your career growth path and identify action plans that will lead you to your career goals.

Job Search Support

  • Focussed job search support towards culmination of your degree including fortnightly updates and connecting with recruiter/companies to share candidate profiles basis requirements at that time.

Offered by a reputed global player

  • Professional career support services are offered to participants by Right Management India, a unit of Manpower Group and a global leader in Career Transitioning and Management.
  • Structured self-paced course designed across 3 modules
  • Live individual Mentor review at the end of each module as progressive milestones
  • Upon completion of all 3 modules, opportunity to submit your start up idea to India Accelerator, one of the largest start-up accelerators in the country.
  • Select start up ideas duly assessed to have adequate potential will be provided “Fast track” acceleration support by India Accelerator.

This pathway is ideally suited for participants with an entrepreneurial interest and who have a start-up idea and want to gain deeper knowledge of setting up a business from scratch.


For Students in India Yearly Fee Total Programme Fee (Lumpsum for 2 years)
Programme Fee INR 1,10,000 INR 2,20,000
Fee with Early Bird Benefit
(Up to 31 January 23)
INR 1,02,500 INR 2,00,000
For International Students Yearly Fee Total Programme Fee (Lumpsum for 2 years)
Programme Fee USD 2200 USD 4400
Fee with Early Bird Benefit
(Up to 31 January 23)
USD 2050 USD 4000

Fee Includes

  • Interactive learning content and Self Learning Materials (SLM)
  • Live interactive sessions with Industry experts and other contact classes as specified
  • Semester exam fees for all 4 semesters
  • Individualized career support service
  • Access to self-paced course on Entrepreneurship

Fee Does Not Include

  • Re-exam fees for any subsequent attempts
  • Any other administrative charges that are not covered above



Semester – I (16 credits)

Course Code Course Name Credit
MBAOL 01 Foundations of Management and Organisational Behaviour 4
MBAOL 02 Economics for Decision Making 4
MBAOL 03 Accounting for Managers 4
MBAOL 04 Business Research Methods 4
Total 16

Semester – II (18 credits)

Course Code Course Name Credit
MBAOL 05 Contemporary Marketing Management 4
MBAOL 06 People Management 4
MBAOL 07 Financial Management 4
MBAOL 08 Operations & Supply Chain Management 4
MBAOLMC01 Experiential Masterclass by Industry Experts 2
Total 18

Semester – III (20 credits)

Course Code Course Name Credit
MBAOL 09 Strategic Management 4
MBAOL 10 Business Analytics and Data Visualisation 4
MBAOL 11 Services Marketing & Customer Relationship Management 4
MBAOL 12 Human Capital Strategy and Performance Management 4
MBAOL 13 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management 4
Total 20

Semester – IV (26 credits)

Course Code Course Name Credit
MBAOL 14 Corporate Laws and Governance 4
MBAOL 15 Phygital Retailing 4
MBAOL 16 Leadership & Change Management 4
MBAOL 17 Project Management 4
MBAOLMC02 Experiential Masterclass by Industry Experts 2
MBAOLPRO Project 8
Total 26

Credits Distribution

Semester I II III IV Total
Courses 4 5 5 5 19
Credits 16 18 20 26 80


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Tamilnadu, India

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